NEW IN - Coffee Flavoured Chocolate

We've collaborated with Charlotte at Brecon Chocolates, an artisan chocolatier who also sells some of our coffee beans, to produce two coffee flavoured chocolate bars, one made with dark chocolate and the other with white chocolate.

The first is made with 70% dark Brecon chocolate infused with Two Dogs 'El Salvador' coffee and coffee inclusions.

The second uses white Brecon chocolate and Two Dogs coffee and coffee inclusions giving a creamier Cappuccino flavour.

And finally we've included Dark Chocolate covered Coffee Beans which are selected and packed by Brecon Chocolates.

White Chocolate Cappuiccino - Brecon Chocolates & Two Dogs Coffee
70% Dark Chocolate with El Salvador Coffee - Brecon Chocolates & Two Dogs Coffee
Dark Chocolate Covered Coffee Beans - Brecon Chocolates & Two Dogs Coffee