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Fun and frustration

Well, John has continued to perfect his roasting and has used all the beans from the first batch we bought. Friends and family have been helping us with tastings and feedback which is good as we were starting to get a bit hyper from drinking all those extra coffees! (You are supposed to spit like wine tasting but it seems such a waste 😉). The new batch of beans have arrived (different types to the first batch) and are proving to be very tasty.

I have been getting on with the exciting stuff (?), business projections, trying to set up accounts, website, mailboxes etc., and designing the website and packaging (the last two I do enjoy). It has been surprising how quickly the word has spread - Jack and Gelert will be signing autographs soon 😂.

So we've got the beans, the equipment, the packaging, the website (mostly) but now comes the frustrating bit...we are still waiting to complete the order page of the website because that can't be done until the PayPal account is set up and that can't be set up until our bank account is open 😠. Why does everything to do with finances take so long?

Hopefully it won't be much longer and we will be up and running 👏. See you soon.

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