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Happy New Year to all our customers and friends

As we go into the new year of 2018 we'd like to thank all our customers and friends for their support over our first 6 months of trading. It's good to know that many of you enjoy our coffees. We are grateful for your orders and re-orders and hope to continue to supply you in the future.

It's been an interesting six months and we have learnt a lot about coffee, roasting and running a business. We are looking forward to this year - the year of the dog..... or Two Dogs 😊 - and have plenty of new ideas. We are looking into selling at Farmers Markets in Cardiff and Swansea, dates and locations will be posted on social media. Following requests from some customers, we will be offering "sample packs" with smaller portions of all four of the beans we sell.

We're looking to offer a "special" coffee shortly, such as a bean from a women only co-operative. Furthermore, when we order from our coffee supplier (Small Batch Roasting) as part of their, and our, commitment to the environment, they charge us a standing £1 administration fee for each consignment dispatched which is donated to The Green Earth Appeal. This initiative then plants a fruit tree in Two Dogs Coffee Company's name and issues us with a legal certificate proving we have offset 1Ton of Carbon!

Another environmental issue very much in the news this year is the plastic problem. To help reduce plastic usage, once we have used our current stock of bags, we will be changing over to recycled packaging. Also, keep a look out for our promotion of a free collapsable reusable cup worth £9.99 with a subscription to Two Dogs coffee. Coming soon!

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