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I can't believe how long it's been since I blogged! I have no excuse now we are all in lockdown.

Who would have ever foreseen this turn of events? We had just had a review of the year and made some decisions about the business going forward, one of which was to convert our van to be able to sell cups of our coffees at events. So in January we went ahead and leased the equipment; John fitted it all in the van; we booked into plenty of Food Festivals, Music Festivals, County Shows etc; I rang the council for a Hygiene inspection and bang! before we could set an appointment we're all in lockdown and all events are being cancelled.

Fortunately it's not all bad news, with help from the Welsh Government initiatives we should be able to see this through and we still have our online shop. We can deliver locally and we're offering FREE Hermes delivery on all other orders for the duration. So get your orders in now.

We have experienced some difficulty with obtaining some of our usual coffees at the moment (particularly Ehiopian Yirgacheffe & Democratic Republic of Congo) so have added a new offering of a Costa Rican coffee from Palmichael Micro Mill situated in the Tarruza region of the Costa Rican Central Valley. Every lot processed here has full traceability to the grower, coffee varietal, location, altitude, date of harvest and more. This particular Caturra bean comes from Finca Frailles, grown at 1500-1600ft, harvested in 2018 and washed and sun-dried. It has notes of caramel, sweet summer fruits and jam flavours from the process. It has very light acidity. Why not try something new? Available to order online from today.

Keep save everyone. Stay Home. Protect the NHS. Save Lives.

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