Apricot, Hisbiscus, Orange, Tealike

Roast: Medium Dark

Origin:  Democratic Republic of Congo

Estate: Lake Kivu, Eastern Congo

Varietal: Bourbon

Certification: Conventional

Harvest Year: 2019


The Democratic Republic of the Congo, in Central Africa, is a country traumatized by decades of civil conflict. It is estimated that over 5 million people have lost their lives since 2000, with millions more displaced. The wealth of the country and the root of the conflict lies in its vast mineral deposits.

Coffee has come to represent a significant opportunity for economic regeneration and social impact.

The farmer members of the coops that VECO helped set up are grouped around micro-washing stations of at least 50 producers.The project started in 2010, when the first coops and farmer groups received training about producing quality coffee and coop management. Increased market access for Congo’s smallholders is key to ensuring the flow of revenue back to the country and increased income for farmers will mean greater investment in improving yields and quality, helping to drive prices to more sustainable levels.

D.R. CONGO - Kawa Kabuya Co-op Coffee

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