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Origin - El Salvador

Subregion - Apaneca

Producer Type - Single Estate

Farm Name - Finca Patricia

Processing - Natural/Dry Processed

Growing Altitude - 900m-1200m

Plant Species - Arabica

Variety - Bourbon

Coffee Grade - SLV CA WA SHG

El Salvador Finca Patricia Natural

  • Ricardo Valdivieso named this farm after his wife Patricia because, he says, jast as it was with her, it was love at first sight when he didcovered this farm. Both Ricardo and Patricia have been producing coffee as long as they can remember, in fact the coffee history of the family dates back to 1865.

    Finca Patricia is located between Apaneca and San Pedro Puxtla town. The farm only produces shade grown coffee. This not only creates an excellent micro-climate and protects the coffee trees from the sun, it serves as a habitat for many local and migratory birds, foxes, rabbits and other small mammals. Lately the deer populatuon has been increasing too.


  • This bourbon lot was naturally processed. Selectively handpicked cherries are floated to sort by density, then prime cherries are dried on a combination of patios and raised beds for an average of 20 days.

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