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The coffee has a creamy smooth mouthfeel with a soft acidity. It's a deeper, richer cup with chocolate and hazelnut notes & sweet finish.


Origin: Mexico Sierra Madre

Altitude: 1500m

Variety: Caturra, Bourbon, Catuai

Process: Shade grown, sun dried on raised beds and washed

Harvest: November - March

Owner: Pohlenz Family

SCA score: 84

Tasting notes: Caramel, Brown sugar, Lemongrass

Mexico El Jaguar

  • This coffee comes from a group of small producers. Siltepec is a strictly high grown coffee. Harvested and processed by small producers under traditional farming methods, shade grown coffee, craft de-pupled, fermented, washed
    and sun dried. The plantations are located near The Biosphere Reserve El Triunfo. In 1972 was named as a “Natural area” in Chiapas State, to preserve the “quetzal” special bird that only lives in this place. In 1990, it became a federal “protected area” with an extension of 119 thousand 177 hectares. The Biosphere Reserve El Triunfo host 11 of the 18 recognized vegetation types in Chiapas; there are been identified about 1.500 spcies of plants, but maybe this number can grow to 3.000 because of the flora of all Chiapas territory. 

    More about Siltepec el Jaguar:

    Siltepec is located in the Central part of Chiapas. This Specialty coffee comes from the high altitude area of the Sierra Madre, bordering The Biosphere Reserve El Triunfo, which is the habitat of an endemic bird "El Quetzal". This ecological paramo represents 30% of the flora of all Chiapas territory.

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