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Green apple, milk chocolate, biscuit, jammy

Kovachii is an organiccurated coffee intended to capture the quintessential flavour profile of Northern Peru. Sustainably sourced from smallholder farms in the region of Cajamarca, our suppliers quality control team at origin ensures that Kovachii delivers a sweet, consistent and refined cup.

Origin - Peru

Subregion - Cajamarca, Northern Peru

Harvest season - 2022/2023

Producer Type - Small Holder Farms

Processing - Washed

Altitude - 1200m - 2200m

Plant Species - Arabica

Variety - Bourbon, Catuai, Caturra, Typica

Coffee Grade - PER CA WA SHB MCM G1

Certification - Organic

Peru Kovachii Organic

  • Cajamarca is a large region in the north of Peru, including Jaén, San Ignacio, Cutervo, Santa Dominigo and Hualgayoc. The location of coffee within Peru can be a challenge for farmers and exporters alike, with much of the coffee grown at east 8hrs away from the nearest town where they may sell. This could be one of the reasons why most of the coffee is home-processed and dried at farm level as it allows the farmer to retain control over when to sell. If cherry, rarther than parchment coffee, was being sold by the farmers they would have to sell on the day of harvest - regardless of the price on that day or their own personal need for finance at that particular time.

    Because of the geographical challenges within Peru this has meant coffee is often sold localy to a buyer in their community, transported a little closer and sold again, this model repeated until it reaches its destination. This can be tricky as both traceability and quality can be lost on this journey, so micro-buying stations have been set up closer to these communtities that have been identified as coffees with huge potential. The hope being that this will benefit the farmers and communitees in a numbe of ways, primarily that farmers recieve a fair price for the coffee regardlaess of market conditions that day.

  • Most of the coffee produced in Peru is processed by hand on the producer's farm, and Kovachii is no different. Sourced from the North of Peru in the region of Cajamara, cherries are harvested, de-pulped, processed and then dried either on patios, drying beds or tarps.

    Farmers from all over region process and dry the coffee on their farms, then they bring the coffee to either the suppliers main warehouse in Jaén orlocal buying stations in their communities for evaluation. Samples are taken from each, the green is evaluated and the coffee is tasted - from here a price is agreed and the coffee is stored.

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