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Black Tea, Berries, Caramel and sugar cane

Introducing the Tanzania Ngila Estate RFA, a coffee sourced from the lush region of Karatu in Tanzania. Carefully grown on Ngila Estate at an altitude of 1600-1800 meters above sea level, this coffee is a blend of Kenta and Bourbon varietals. Graded as AA and certified by RFA, this coffee undergoes a wet process to bring out its unique flavor profile. With tasting notes of black tea, berries, caramel, and sugar cane, this coffee is sure to delight your taste buds with every sip.

Origin: Tanzania

Region: Karatu

Estate: Ngila Estate

Altitude: 1600 - 1800 masl

Varietal: Kenta / Bourbon

Grade: AA

Certification: RFA

Processing: Wet Processed

Tanzania Ngila Estate RFA

  • Ngila Coffee Estate is situated in the Karatu District on the slopes of the Ngorongoro crater and surrounded by the Ngila Forest reserve. It was started in the 20th century by a German family and later taken by British farmers after the 2nd world war, who in 1990 sold it to a German Family, Ruldolf Meyer. Since then the coffee area has expanded, irrigation technology and new processing equipment installed. Since more than 10 years Ngila coffee has found recognition as one of the finest washed Arabica coffees from Ngorongoro crater. The water of the Endoro stream, coming from Ngorongoro National Park is enhancing Ngila finest coffee.

    The Ngila Coffee Estate is around 100 hectares, containing some 150,000 coffee trees which produce around 120 tons of prime Arabica highland coffee every year. The coffee varieties are Bourbon and Typica. The farmlands are located at 1500 -1600 metres above sea level and 4° south of the Equator. It’s positioned on the edge of the cloud forest of the northern highlands, near to the Conservation Area on the slopes of Ngorongoro crater in northern Tanzania in East Africa.

    Ngila Coffee Estate was founded at the beginning of the twentieth century by a German settler. It was an ambitious undertaking but was a success. The coffee farmers laid the foundation for the unique coffee that grows in this mineral-rich volcanic soil.

    The farm was bought in 1992 and since then, new technology like modern drip irrigation and water-saving coffee processing equipment has been installed.With proven and experienced staff, Ngila Coffee Estate offers a highland coffee that meets high quality standards.

    All coffee on the farm is selectively handpicked and sorted to remove any damaged or under ripe cherries before pulping. Picking on the farm is incredibly stringent, and the harvest season at Ngila lasts nearly two months, with 3 to 4 passes being done for each tree.

     After hand-sorting the coffee is delivered to flotation tanks, where any underweight or damaged cherries are again removed. After this, the coffee passes through a Penagos pulper which extracts some of the mucilage from the berries. The coffee is taken in buckets from the density-sorting channel to the drying tables where the parchment is then air dried for at least 7 days. The coffee is turned regularly and covered with netting during the heat of the day.

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