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Origin: Uganda

Region: Kayungwe, Bwindi (South West)

Producer: Small Holder Farmers

Altitude: 1400 - 2200m
Varietal: SL28, SL34
Processing: Honey Process

Harvest: October - January

Screen Size: 15 up
Tasting Notes:  Orange, Lemon, Shortbread

Uganda Gorilla Summit 'Blue Roller' Honey

  • Kanungu lies in South-West Uganda, south of the Queen Elizabeth national park and close to the border with Rwanda and Congo. It is one of the poorest regions of Uganda, with high rates of infant and maternal mortality, disease and lack of access to healthcare and schooling. It also has excellent conditions for specialty arabica cultivation, with rich fertile soils, plentiful rainfall, high altitude (up to 1,900masl) and lots of sunshine. Projects like Gorilla Summit represent a great step forward for a sustainable local economy which pays fairer prices to farmers for excellent quality coffees.

    Kanungu district also boasts the largest population of rare Mountain Gorillas in the world and tree-climbing lions. It is home to the Batwa-Pygmy community which lives alongside the Bakiga people. The Bakiga tribe’s dance is one of the most unique of all Ugandan tribes, characterised by emphatic stomping and chanting. It is said that when the Bakiga start stomping, mini earthquakes are started!

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