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Welsh Coffee Roasters

Want to support local businesses and find Welsh coffee roasters?

Then look no further than us! Here at Two Dogs Coffee Roasting Company Ltd we are a husband and wife team who wanted to do something creative, and after some thinking, we realised we had to do something relating to our mutual love of coffee.


From there, Two Dogs Coffee Roasting Company Ltd was created and together we work hard to provide a range of businesses across Wales with our delicious weekly roasted small-batch premium coffee.

On our website you’ll see we offer a wide selection of coffee beans and blends to choose from, all of which are responsibly sourced. Whether you’re a lover of a velvety smooth coffee or prefer something that packs a punch, we’ve got a whole host of beans to choose from.

We have experience working with orders both small and large, and regularly supply to businesses, events and festivals across Wales, so we’re confident that we can work with your needs.

To browse our full selection of coffee beans, take a look around our website and buy today.

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