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Try Your Local Coffee Roasters

Three reason to choose us when looking for local coffee roasters

If you’re a lover of coffee like us, then we know it can be hard to find the right cup of coffee to get you started with the day. Forget instant coffee or expensive coffee pods for fancy machines, and instead, why not check out your local coffee roasters?

Here at Two Dogs Coffee Roasting Company Ltd we’re many people’s first choice when looking for local coffee roasters, and here are just some reasons why we’re the right company for you.

Wide selection of products- You can have your pick of single portion bags, house blends and origin beans. We have a wide selection of coffee beans and blends to choose from, all of which are responsibly sourced.

Flexible service- Whether you’re after a single purchase or want to put in a large order, we’re used to catering for orders both small and large and have experience working with companies, events and festivals.

Invest in small businesses- We’re a small team made up of a husband and wife duo who wanted to put their passion for coffee together and create something for all to enjoy. By choosing us, you’re helping support local businesses and help us to continue doing what we love.

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